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The Bondi Totes Co Journey

Hello there, nice to meet you.

Like many stories that begin with a parent's quest for the perfect solution, Bondi Totes Co was born out of my own personal need. As a new parent, I found myself constantly on the move, juggling the demands of parenthood, and always in search of that one bag that could keep up with my active life. From beach outings with my little ones to quick grocery runs, I tried countless bags, but none seemed to fit the bill. They were either too bulky, not stylish enough, or simply impractical.

After a visit to family overseas, a relative introduced me to the concept of EVA tote bags. EVA bags are practical, washable, water resistant, and they have heaps of space. But they were not that exciting and I wanted a bag that was not only practical but also stylish. A bag that resonated with the vibrant spirit of Australia's iconic Bondi Beach and the dynamic life of a young parent.

And that's when the idea for Bondi Totes Co was born.

After months of research and real-life testing (thanks to my little ones and our countless adventures), Bondi Totes Co came to life. Our bags are designed to be the perfect blend of fashion and function. As an Australian brand, we understand the essence of family, fun, and functionality.

"I believe that every parent deserves a touch of luxury and convenience in their life. Why compromise on style when you can have it all?”


Join the Bondi Totes Co Family

Every single bag we post is a testament to our commitment to style and functionality. We aim to be more than just a brand; we're building a community. A community of parents, grandparents, every wonderful soul in between that wants to find a practical and functional bag to bring along their adventures.

When you choose Bondi Totes Co, you're not just getting a bag; you're embracing a lifestyle.

Share your Bondi Totes Co moments with us. Tag @bonditotesco in your photos, and let's celebrate the beauty of parenthood, style, and the Australian spirit together. 


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